Welcome to the official website of PollenUK. This is the only web site that is run by PollenUK and it is here to give you information on pollen, fungal spores, allergies, pollen forecasts and data.

PollenUK is the short name for PollenUK Information Ltd, a not for profit company. It was formed in 2003 to provide a legal framework for supply of pollen forecasts and data based on the UK pollen monitoring network which it developed and ran under the Guidance of the British Aerobiology Federation (BAF). This was formed in 1990 and it became registered charity in 1998. Pollen monitoring and forecasts had undergone several stages of development in the UK before this. 

In recent years PollenUK has paid the National Pollen and Aerobiology Unit at the University of Worcester to provide the pollen forecasts and other work based on the network’s data. At its peak the network had 33 pollen monitoring sites but by 2010 this had declined to only 12 active sites and the system needed major investment and modernisation.

In order to achieve this PollenUk transferred the complete operation of the PollenUK network and all pollen forecasting to the Met Office in January 2011 (http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/health/public/pollen-forecast ).The pollen forecasts are now made by the Met Office team at Exeter and are sent to various outlets including the BBC, ITV, newspapers, radio and websites. The forecasts are the only ones to be made using the data from the daily pollen counts reported from the UK monitoring network. The Met Office has set up 4 new pollen monitoring sites in 2011 and plans to set up more in 2012. Other notable improvements in 2011 are that the Met Office has modernised the collation of pollen data and pollen and spore forecasting.

For information on the UK pollen monitoring network, pollen and spore forecasts and data contact

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